This project was created following a workshop  with the association "Don Vie Adèle" which is focusing on raising awareness on the donation of bone marrow in France.

The association had one request:

- To come up with a board game that could raise the awereness on the subject. We then came up with DonNation with a team of 4 game designers and 3 graphists.

My role : Game Designer

Our intention with the project was simple, to create gameplay mechanics that come from real life elements, to raise the awereness of the player through the gameplay.

What do you do in DonNation?

You try to find bone marrow donors to save as many people as possible.

How do you do it?

By finding compatible donors and route the bone marrow to its waiting patient.

Top: Waiting/Patients list

Left: The cards ingame (on the board)

Down: Drawn cards

Right: The cured patient

We wanted the players to feel the urgency of the situation, it was achieved through the waiting list at the top of the board. Each turn a patient is added to the list.

Fail to save 3 and the game is over, succeed to save 6 and you win!

The left of the board is for the donors and non donors in game, which means they are active on the board. We deliberately added more non donors than donors to show people the reality of the situation, the players transform non donor persons by using cards on them that symbolise the awareness campaigns that can happen in the real world. Use them wisely to convince as many people as possible to donate bone marrow.

Watch out though, as bone marrow is unusable after 3 days (3 ingame turns), so route it quickly to its waiting patient before it is too late !

External events can interfere in this process, this is why in the draw pile you can find bonus and penalty cards such as natural disasters or a cargo plane malfunction that will influence the delivery time of the bone marrow.